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Get confidence from Martial Arts

Growing up in the modern world can expose children to bullying and harsh criticism at a very early age. Children still in the first years of school can lack self-confidence and have low self-esteem due to their early exposure to taunting and online trolling. As they get into their teens, a surprising number of children have been bullied, and experience low self esteem, lack confidence in their abilities, and also may suffer from illnesses such as depression. Learning martial arts from an early age can help children to improve their confidence, and teach them more about themselves, helping to boost their self-confidence.

Martial arts and self esteem

There is a close correlation between learning martial arts and improving self esteem. Many young people who learn martial arts benefit from the experience, and they also gain a sense of achievement and self belief by learning the skills connected with martial arts and achieving rankings including the famous black belt. Most people who join martial arts groups do so in order to learn self defence, but they also benefit by increasing confidence and developing skills that can benefit them outside of stressful situations. Learning martial arts has been shown to improve a child's social skills and their self esteem, which can help them to become well-adjusted in the classroom and in the family.

Improving confidence through martial arts

One of the most important things that learning a martial art can do for children is to improve their self-confidence. This is not an overnight thing, and instead builds up slowly as your child learns more about the skills involved in martial arts, and overcomes challenges in order to move on to the next skill level. Learning martial arts can also help children to become fitter and stronger, which can improve their self-confidence as they see their own abilities changing. Children should always be encouraged to learn skills that improve their fitness levels, and martial arts are an excellent way to do so.

Improving confidence through guided learning

Martial arts have always traditionally involved a senior tutor, someone who can help them to learn the skills needed to become a successful martial artist. These tutors are more than just instructors, as they can often develop relationships with the students which focus upon the student's confidence and abilities. In G-Force, children are taught a number of other qualities alongside martial arts skills, including self-respect and discipline. Teaching children these skills can help to guide them through life, and it can also help them to look up to the people teaching them, which can motivate them to improve their own skills. Having the tutor there to support them at every step of the process will also help them to improve their confidence in a structured manner. By teaching children the importance of personal control in martial arts, the children are better able to take on other challenges in their lives, and have the confidence in their abilities, helping them to succeed.

Posted on 23 July 2016

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