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Fitness and martial arts – What you didn’t know

The rise of the fitness workout involving martial arts moves means that people now think of martial arts as a great way to get fit, to lose weight, or to burn calories. There are many ways that people use to try to improve their fitness levels, and while exercise is necessarily the best way to work out, learning martial arts can teach you more about your own fitness levels, and can help you to improve more than just your calorie burning sessions. If you have never thought about what martial arts involves, then you may be surprised at how learning any type of martial arts can improve your fitness.

Increased strength

Martial arts are increasingly popular among people who want to improve their overall body strength, rather than building up their quads or increasing the weights they can lift. Rather than focusing upon one part of the body, martial arts strengthen the muscles by using specific movements. Kicking and punching tend to strengthen the muscles involved in these movements, helping you to improve the speed. Some people find that they benefit from combining martial arts with low-level weight training, helping to boost the muscles further and to increase the speed at which they can throw a punch or a kick.

Increased stamina

Another element of martial arts which is often underplayed is the ability to increase the stamina of the practitioner. In many dojos, martial arts skills are taught through learned sequences, so that everybody in the class learns the kick at the same time by repeating the same movement. During teaching sessions that involve this type of learning, everybody has to stand still and watch the tutor, and then move in sequence with the rest of the room. This involves a lot of stamina training, in order to allow the person to move in the specific sequence. Repeating the same movement over and over again also increases the practitioner's stamina.

Aerobic exercise

You may be surprised that martial arts can teach learners aerobic exercises as well as strength and stamina building exercises. In many cases, the movements and poses of martial arts can be as effective as a treadmill session or a step class. Martial arts are physically demanding, and that means that you are likely to increase your heart rate and circulation levels throughout the session. Aerobic fitness can help you to burn more calories, and is also very effective in helping to reduce fat.

Mental fitness

G-Force believes in focusing on more than just the physical aspects of martial arts. A strong emphasis on self-discipline and achievement can help to boost a student's confidence, and can also help to improve their overall mental health. Starting from a young age, G-Force teaches children to learn more about themselves, about their abilities, and what they can achieve if they try. Teaching people to gain confidence in themselves and to overcome low self-esteem is one of the overlooked benefits of learning a martial art.

Posted on 7 October 2016

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