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Conflict resolution – How Martial Arts educates your children

Is conflict natural?

Conflict is a natural part of life. Whether you are a child or an adult, we all have to deal with conflict and conflict resolution all throughout our lives. Many of us are unaware how to handle conflict. Some of us, as humans, get aggressive or defensive when the best way to handle conflict could be an alternative option that none of us were taught.

How should we react to conflict?

Naturally, humans react to conflict with aggression, denial or resistance. The way we (as humans) respond is generally negative. However, if we remove the conflict and say ‘there is no winner or loser’, there is no conflicted view point. Instead of denial or trying to avoid a situation, it is about accepting involvement and being open minded to solutions.

How can Martial Arts resolve conflict?

Martial arts gives an over all confidence boost and educates your child more than you would think, allowing them to stray away from being a bully’s victim and allowing them to think for themselves and not fall for peer pressure. It also empowers them to take responsibility for themselves and their actions and empowers them to say NO to things they have consciously decided against, without an external influence from peers.

How can G Force help your child react to conflict?

Here at G Force, we quiz and educate our students on ‘what if’ scenarios. If your child was ever in a situation where it became apparent that they could not get out of a situation or if they are being bullied or attacked, how would they defend themselves? We teach them how to get out of such a situation, how to defend, how to co-ordinate, balance, quick reflexes, kicking techniques, punching techniques etc. All of which empowers them to defend themselves.

What if my child has Attention Defecit Disorder?

Major research has shown that martial arts helps Attention Defecit Disorder, much more than any other sports. Here at G Force, we teach all our students how to focus and concentrate which benefits children with a range of attention deficit disorders.

What will my child learn from attending a martial arts class?

Learning how to commit. Here at G Force, you can’t earn a black belt with a couple of months training. We teach your child about patience and hard work and how hard work pays off. You have to put in the work to receive the rewards.

Rules and orders. G force teaches your child to adhere to rules, regulations and orders which teaches children about discipline and respect in hand. Our dojo has many rules which includes the way you enter, how you leave, how you speak to our instructors, how you dress and more importantly, how you behave before, during and after our classes.

Posted on 20 September 2016

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