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Bullying and Martial Arts

Martial arts are often seen as the best way to help kids to deal with bullying. Some studies suggest that there is good reason to believe that teaching children martial arts can help them to better manage situations where they might be bullied. Evidence collected has established that children who take part in martial arts and gain significant belts reduce their fears of being bullied, and were also more likely to help other children who were being bullied. This suggests that if children do have a problem with bullies, then teaching them some form of martial arts will help them to overcome.

How martial arts affect bullying

A surprising number of people still believe that martial arts prevents children being bullied by teaching them to be 'tougher', or to be strong enough to intimidate bullies. However, this is not necessarily true, and martial arts do not teach children to participate in violence or to set in violence in order to prevent bullies. Instead, what they do is teach children how to improve their own confidence, and teach them how to stand up to bullies by having better survival skills. By teaching children to have more confidence, martial arts can be a very effective way of helping children and young people to overcome bullying and the side effects of bullying.

How martial arts affect bullies

There is also a surprising connection between teaching children to be more confident and preventing children from becoming bullies. A surprising number of children bully other kids because they have been bullied themselves, and often they lack confidence and have low self-esteem. By teaching them to stand up for themselves more effectively, they are actually less likely to bully others, and they are also less likely to back up other people who are bullying. This could be a significant change to a child, and there are several ways in which martial arts can benefit both bullies and victims, helping to prevent future bullies from being formed.

How martial arts benefit children

Martial arts do not just have to be about self defence against bullying, because it can also teach children about many other aspects of life. At G-Force, our classes revolve around more than just martial skills and training. We also teach children about the important social skills that come along with learning a martial art. This includes teaching them to have focus, improving their concentration and benefiting their overall attention spans. We also teach them to have confidence in themselves and to control their emotions. This helps them to keep their tempers when they are under stress, and also lets them have the confidence to handle those stressful situations. Respect is very important to modern families, and teaching children to have respect for others at an early age can help them to behave more maturely than their contemporaries. More than this however, G-Force martial arts can teach kids to work together, to form lasting friendships and to help people who are younger or weaker than themselves.

Posted on 23 July 2016

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