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5 ways martial arts helps with self-defense

Martial Arts are practiced for a number of reasons including self-defense, military and law enforcement and mental and spiritual development. Though this art has been mostly known for the fighting techniques it provides, but there are various other aspects added in this art too. And nowadays people are learning martial arts for self-defense purposes. Here are 5 ways in which Martial Arts can help anyone with a self-defense.

  • Role Play
  • Teaching body language and Communication Skills
  • Disarming weapons
  • General street-smart techniques
  • Attacking and defensive striking

Role Play

Recently we have seen news from everywhere around the world that someone got bullied or a girl was harassed by strangers. Various boys and girls, get very nervous in this situation because they have never seen such a situation before. And, while practicing martial arts various role plays are done, where you will get to know about those situations. When you would have gone through the situation before, you will definitely be having a clue as for how you need to react in such situations. Reactions in such situations are also taught during the role play which gives you a better idea.

Teaching Body Language and Communication Skills

It has been observed that when you are facing any tough situation like harassments from strangers, behaving strongly and confidently have always helped you rather than showing other that you are feared from them. In martial arts, you are taught everything about your body skills and how should you communicate in such situations and thus if somehow you get stuck in such situation, the other person would be more scared than you as he will feel that you don’t have any kind of fear in your mind.

Disarming weapons

Nowadays, it is really important that you carry some weapons with you every time. And for girls or even boys it becomes sometimes really difficult to take out their weapons at certain points because they get very scared about the situation they are in as the boy might be having in his mind that his money and other accessories might be stolen and for a girl they are afraid that they might not become a rape victim. Martial arts teach you to disarm your weapons at certain points with which you can easily escape from such situations or even can face the situation in a very confident manner.

Street Smart techniques

In martial arts, you also know about various kinds of street-smart techniques, so that if you get stuck in any pressure situation, you handle the situation confidently with various techniques that you have learned. These are little tricks using which you can escape from the place or counter the situation or can even attack the person against you.

Attacking and defensive techniques

In a situation where the opposition starts touching you or become violent, it is necessary that you should be known to various martial arts attacking and defensive techniques using which you can attack the person easily and if there would be more persons attacking you, you can show your defensive skills in that case.

So using these ways, you can learn self-defense with the help of martial arts.

Posted on 24 March 2017

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