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5 fun and healthy ways to motivate yourself in the morning

Waking up in the morning may not be your favorite part of the day but a little tweak in your lifestyle can make waking up a real joy! Early morning, soon after we wake up, our body and mind refreshed and full of energy. Channelizing this energy into doing something healthy and fun can completely transform our life and make up for a great lifestyle that compliments our daily schedules.

What is the first thing you do in the morning upon waking up? Most people get up in a rush, check their phones and emails, have a quick shower, gulp down a cup of coffee and run to work or school. Well, this is the most terrible way to start your morning and probably the reason you lack motivation to start your day. Mornings, especially Monday Mornings are dreaded because of an unhealthy lifestyle and wrong practices that most people follow.

If you want to start your day full of vigor and motivation, here are 5 fun and healthy lifestyle changes you need to bring in:

1. Time Management
Don’t wake up just a little before you need to rush out! Waking up a little earlier will give you the time to manage your day better and also give you time to start the day in a more organized and healthy manner. Make space for more time in the morning for yourself and you will feel more energized throughout the day. Waking up at the last moment only causes more stress!

2. Breakfast Like a King!
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and nothing must make you compromise on that. A healthy and balanced breakfast nourishes the mind and body and gives you the required energy to go through the rest of the day.

3. Get Fit!
Even a thirty-minute morning exercise regime is enough to have a healthy mind and body. Get some fresh air! Be it martial arts, a sport or a walk around the block, all forms of fitness are most effective at this time of the day.

4. Spend time with yourself
Spend a few quiet moments to collect your thoughts, organize your day and just be aware of your thoughts. Reflect on things that need your attention and allow your thoughts to flow.

5. Pep up with Music!
Listen to music you love for a high energy, pepped up and motivated start to the day. It helps stimulate the brain, body and emotions for a better start to a day.

Our lifestyle affects and impacts every aspect of our life. Doing things that we love, following a hobby and simply being aware of our physical and emotional needs helps release stress and helps waking up every day more joyous. Rushing from one task to another, ignoring our physical and mental needs depletes our energy and motivation. Following these 5 easy and effective lifestyle changes will help you live a happy and healthy life and Monday-Morning-Blues will be completely washed out!

Posted on 2 March 2017

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