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10 ways martial arts can help your child with confidence

It’s that time of year again when your child is going back to school and you are preparing for the new year ahead. Full of up’s and downs, your child will experience a range of feelings throughout their new academic year, together with a lot of memories being made. Unfortunately for some, bullying is inevitable, but it’s how your child deals with and handles these situations that with help to shape their character as they grow up and progress in life. There are many ways that martial arts can help your child with confidence, including the following below:

1. Martial Arts boosts self esteem massively, a lot of parents tend to enroll their child because they seem to have a huge confidence issue, and as the classes go on they start to gain confidence.

2. Martial Arts helps with other aspects in life, with increased self esteem it will allow your child to be more confident socially.

3. Martial Arts is not judged against other people in the class, it is purely judged on potential ability. Which means unlike in school, children won't feel self conscious.

4. Goal Setting is a big part of Martial Arts, some are short term which allows your child to have a realistic look on success giving them more confidence to achieve the longer time goals.

5. The activity of Martial Arts will actually build the strength, skill and confidence to stand up to bullies.

6. There are rules inside a dojo, allowing the children to feel more secure. They can replicate this at all school where there is a similar rule structure.

7. Your child will get used to making mistakes through martial arts and gain the knowledge that you're not perfect at things straight away, so that it won't be as much of a shock otherwise.

8.  Children tend to Imitate what they have learnt from parents or significant adults in their lives. A Sensei is a good role model and will be able to pass on the eye contact and confident body posture.

9. The instructor will monitor and praise progression. Allowing your child to feel good about their achievements.

10. Within the classes you will hear the instructors say "You can do it" reinforcing that confidence constantly.

Posted on 2 November 2016

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