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The Biggest Martial Arts Centre in Rugby, UK; Perfect for the whole family

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About G Force Martial Arts

G Force is one of the fastest growing schools in the U.K. our headquarters is located in the heart of Rugby at a state of the art full time facility complete, with a 140 sq. meter full matted training area, large parents viewing area with 42 inch plasma screen, changing facilities, loads of parking and much more… We operate over 35 classes per week at the centre and offer something that the community of rugby can be proud of. Our motto is “Developing Champions for Life” “we help children make better decisions for the future, become more self confident, and develop into successful well rounded adults, and give parents more peace of mind when it comes to ensuring that they have the best education for their child.

What Our Students Say

Since starting G-Force titans i have noticed a real positive change in my sons behaviour, and balance. Being a Titan is great for him, he is getting lots of exercise and learning respect and responsibility! He tells me he is looking forward to being as good as Gordon!

Sallyann Lockie

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Growing up in the modern world can expose children to bullying and harsh criticism at a very early age. Children still in the first years of school can lack self-confidence and have low self-esteem due to their early exposure to taunting and online trolling. As they get into their teens, a surprising number of children […]

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Bullying and Martial Arts
by Gordon Burcham

Martial arts are often seen as the best way to help kids to deal with bullying. Some studies suggest that there is good reason to believe that teaching children martial arts can help them to better manage situations where they might be bullied. Evidence collected has established that children who take part in martial arts […]

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The rise of the fitness workout involving martial arts moves means that people now think of martial arts as a great way to get fit, to lose weight, or to burn calories. There are many ways that people use to try to improve their fitness levels, and while exercise is necessarily the best way to […]

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